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Florida Administrative Law

This guide explains how to research Florida administrative law.

Current Rules


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There are 74 titles in the FAC, each corresponding to a different agency:List of titles in the Florida Administrative Code


Anatomy of a RuleExample of a Rule from the FAC with labeled parts

Proposed Rules

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As of October 1, 2012, agencies are required to publish information about many of their proposed and final actions in the Florida Administrative Register (FAR), which is a revised electronic publication on a website managed by the Department of State. Previously, the Department of State published this information in the Florida Administrative Weekly (FAW), which was published weekly in electronic and printed format. Information published in the FAR includes:

  • notices of development of proposed rules and negotiated rulemaking;
  • notices of the intent to adopt, amend, or repeal rules, the adoption of emergency rules, or the intent to adopt, amend, or repeal rules substantively similar to regulations under federal law;
  • notices of changes to and withdrawals
  • notices of public meetings, workshops, and public hearings;
  • notices of petitions for variance or waiver of a rule and petitions for declaratory statements;
  • notices of petitions for administrative determinations and notices that a proposed or existing rule has been declared invalid by an administrative law judge; and
  • notices of requests for exemption from APA requirements and their disposition, reasons for not initiating rulemaking in response to a request to adopt policy, and reasons for exceptions from the Uniform Rules.

1 Florida Administrative Practice § 2.3 (2019) (internal citations omitted). 

Anatomy of a Proposed RuleExample of a Proposed Rule from the FAR, with descriptive labels

Historical Rules

The Florida Administrative Code at reflects the current rules in force.  Sometimes you have to find what a rule looked like at an earlier time.  To research a historical version of a rule, start with the current rule.  Below the text of the current rule in the FAC you will find the date that the rule was originally enacted, followed by the date(s) of any amendments to the rule.  

For example:Example of a Rule, labeling elements of the history

In this example, if you needed to know the language of Rule 64B5-17.0105 prior to June 3, 2019, you must look at an earlier version of the FAC.  Alternatively, the website provides the entire history of the rule, including the language of any earlier versions.  For Rule 64B5-17.0105, the history looks like this:Example of the history of a rule from

Note that the website includes rules as of January 6, 2006, as well as any amendments since that time.  If you need an earlier rule that is not available on, you can find that in print.  The Legal Information Center's collection of Florida administrative law materials includes:

  • each weekly issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly (KFF36. F55) going back to its 1975 inception, though the on-site collection begins with mid-1981; and
  • each annual printing of the Florida Administrative Code (KFF35 .A24) going back to its 1970 inception.

Commercial Databases

Although the Florida Administrative Code is available in several commercial databases, the official version is free at, and it will always be the most current.