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Levin College of Law

Faculty -- Research

Library Liaisons

Each faculty member, center, and clinic is assigned a library liaison to assist with straightforward research requests, recommending resources, locating specific materials, and answering questions about library resources and services as well as proactively forwarding resources and materials that may be of interest to your research. Do not hesitate to reach out to your library liaison with any questions you might have. If you do not know who your library liaison is, a full list is available at

Library Databases

In addition to our physical collection, the Legal Information Center maintains a large collection of digital resources to facilitate your research. A full list of our databases is available at Please contact your library liaison with any questions about accessing or navigating these databases.

In addition to the databases provided by the Legal Information Center, you have access to all the databases at the University through Smathers Libraries and includes many popular interdisciplinary collections. A full list is available at If you have questions about what databases are best for specific research projects, ask your library liaison.

Research Assistants

The Legal Information Center employs at least one student research assistant each semester to work on discrete faculty research projects. Library research assistants typically work on smaller projects for several faculty members throughout the semester under the supervision of the legal research faculty. To inquire about research support and potential projects, please contact your library liaison.

If you choose to hire your own research assistants, the legal research faculty at the Legal Information Center are happy to support your research assistants and provide research guidance for faculty projects. To schedule research assistant training, please contact your library liaison. To provide the best training possible, please let us know what the project entails, whether there are specific resources that you would like utilized, and what type of results you are seeking.

If you would like to give your research assistant proxy borrowing privileges, please see the Proxy Borrowing information on the Borrowers page.