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Levin College of Law

Tax Law Research

A portal for tax law research resources available at the University of Florida

Tax Law Research

Tax Law Research materials can be divided into 3 categories: Research Services, Citators, and Guides & Handbooks.

Tax Law Research Services are organized either by Code Section (annotated service) or by Topic (topical service).

An annotated tax service is organized following the order of the Internal Revenue Code. First the Code is presented, then committee reports, Regulations, explanations, and lastly annotations of related court cases and administrative rulings. ‚Äč

A topical service divides the tax law into transactions or subjects with underlying tax principles as an organizing format. It integrates a discussion of the primary and secondary sources of the tax law into its editorial analysis.

CCH Cheetah - Tax Research Services

Standard Federal Tax Reporter (SFTR) - (Annotated Tax Law Research Service)

CCH Tax Research Consultant - (Topical Tax Law Research Service)

CCH Cheetah - Guides & Handbooks

U.S. Master Tax Guide  cross-referenced to SFTR and Tax Research Consultant (also available on CCH Answer Connect)

CCH Cheetah Citator

Tax Citator - Access the Tax Citator details when viewing a Tax Case, Revenue Ruling, Revenue Procedure or other official ruling. 

  • With a document open, click Document History in the left panel to view the Citator details about the document.
  • From within the Document History, you can access Editorial Annotations where this document is referenced as well as significant cases/rulings that cite this document.
  • When viewing a tax document that contains Citator metadata, you will see a Cited By link in the right margin of the Document History panel.
  • Click Cited By to display a listing of rulings that cite that particular case.

RIA Checkpoint - Tax Research Services

Federal Tax Coordinator 2d (FTC) - (Topical Tax Law Research Service)

United States Tax Reporter (USTR) - (Annotated Tax Law Research Service)

Checkpoint - Guides & Handbooks

Federal Tax Handbook- cross-referenced to the FTC and the USTR

Checkpoint Citator

Search a case or ruling from Search Tab and select check boxes for:

Citator 2nd Advance Citator 2nd - Histories of Federal tax cases & rulings including latest additions 

Recommended: Change Sort By: from Table of Contents to Relevance

Lexis Advance - Tax Research Services

Lexis Tax Advisor - Federal Code Reporter (Annotated Tax Law Research Service)

Lexis Tax Advisor - Federal Topical (Topical Tax Law Research Service)

Lexis Tax Advisor -- Federal Topical INDEX  (Topical Tax Law Research Service)