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Levin College of Law

2021 Summer and Graduate Access to Legal Research Databases

A guide to access for Bloomberg, Lexis+, and Westlaw Edge during the summer and after graduation.


Graduates are invited to continue accessing with their student ID for ongoing free use of Lexis+, including all of the products and features available as a student, through December 31, 2021. All law students have automatic extended access. By July 9, 2021, spring graduates' views of the home page will switch to the graduate view. This view provides information about career and job searches. Graduates can select a "graduate gift" from the graduate view page. This year's gifts are LexisNexis ebooks and online subscriptions for Practical Guidance, Intelligize, Lexis for Microsoft Office, and Law 360. Spring graduates will have until June 30, 2021, to redeem LexisNexis Rewards points.

Westlaw Edge

May 2021 graduates will have extended Westlaw and Practical Law access for 60 hours per month for six months for non-commercial use. This access is part of your academic subscription and there is no charge for this extended access. To check if you signed up, graduates can go to, sign on with your user name and password, and click on your name in the top right corner. You will see a link there for "Grad Access Status" and you can see if you have already extended. Graduates can extend at any time during the 6 month period but grad access will end six months after graduation. Any questions about Westlaw grad access, please email UF Law’s Thomson Reuters Westlaw Academic Account Manager, Sue Moore, at


Access to Bloomberg Law continues for six months after graduation. Graduates may be limited in their ability to retrieve docket filings marked "Request," update dockets, or set up docket tracking. Graduates may download docket items already uploaded in the Bloomberg system (labeled "View").