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Levin College of Law

RCCJ Campus Policing and Race

About This Guide

Policing is a central tenet of the American criminal legal system. It is extensively studied by legal scholars, criminologists, sociologists, and historians. One area of policing that remains vastly understudied is campus policing and its intersection with race. This is particularly notable given that campus police exist at nearly every post-secondary academic institution in the United States. This Campus Policing and Race library guide is designed to generate greater interest and engagement on this topic and provide a resource hub for existing research. 

This library guide was created and compiled by Dr. Katheryn Russell-Brown (RCCJ), Dr. Vanessa Miller (RCCJ), Professor Elizabeth Hilkin (Legal Information Center), Edith Perez (UF Law ’21), and Professor Avery Vinson (Legal Information Center).

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