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Levin College of Law

Library Services for Law Review and Journal Students

Finding Materials in PDF

Rule 18.2.1(a) of the 21st edition of the Bluebook states: “When an authenticated, official, or exact copy of a source is available online, citation can be made as if to the original print source (without any URL info appended).”

If you need the original image of a document (PDF), use this guide for help finding it online, whether for law review source collection or some other purpose. This guide is selective, not comprehensive. The dates of coverage provided are for PDF only; a given resource might have more extensive coverage in a different format. Please note, access to certain databases in this guide may be restricted to UF Law or the UF community.  

Primary Law: Federal

Session Laws (Statutes at Large)

  • FDsys (1951-present)
  • Library of Congress (1789-1950)
  • HeinOnline (VPN required; 1789-present)
  • Lexis+ (login required; 1789-present)
  • Westlaw Edge (login required; 1789)

U.S. Code

  • FDsys (1994-present)
  • HeinOnline (VPN required; 1925- present)
  • Library of Congress (1925-1988)

Administrative Law

  • FDsys (Code of Federal Regulations 1996-present; Federal Register 1960-present)
  • HeinOnline (VPN required; Code of Federal Regulations 1938-present; Federal Register 1936-present)
  • Library of Congress (Code of Federal Regulations 1938-1995; Federal Register 1936-1993)

Supreme Court Cases

  • U.S. Supreme Court Website
  • United States Reports-Bound Volumes (Vol 502 (1991)- Vol. 557(2008))
  • Library of Congress (Vol. 1(1754)- Vol. 542(2004)
  • HeinOnline Supreme Court Library (VPN required; U.S. Reports (bound): 1754 - 2010; Preliminary Prints (advance sheets): 2002-2011; Slip: 2002 onward)
  • West's Supreme Court Reporter (S.Ct.) (login required; Vol. 1(1880)- present)
  • United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyer's Edition (L.Ed., L. Ed. 2d) (login required; 1790-present)

Appeals Courts 

  • West's Federal Reporter (F., F.2d, F.3d) (login required; Vol. 1(1880)- present)
  • HeinOnline (Vol. 1(1880)- Vol. 292(1924))

District Courts 

  • West's Federal Reporter (F.Supp., F. Supp. 2d) (login required; Vol. 1(1932)- present)

Primary Law: States

State Session Laws

  • HeinOnline (coverage varies by state)
  • Laws of Florida (1822- present)

State Statutes

  • HeinOnline (coverage varies by state)
  • LLMC Digital (coverage varies by state) 

State Cases

  • West's Regional Reporters (login required)
  • Lexis+ (login required)
  • HeinOnline (coverage varies by state and court)

State Administrative Law

The availability of regulatory materials in PDF varies by state. Contact your librarian liaison for assistance. 

Secondary Sources


  • HeinOnline (VPN required)

Law Reviews and Journals 

  • Academic Search Premier (VPN required;
  • EBSCO Legal Collection (VPN required; offers full-text for nearly 250 law journals dating as far back as 1965)
  • HeinOnline: Law Library Journals (VPN required; includes over 1,200 legal periodicals)
  • Index to Legal Periodicals (VPN required; offers full text of articles from 891 legal periodicals from 1908-present)
  • JSTOR (VPN required; includes online journals, books, and primary sources on topics such as economics, sociology, and history)
  • Legal Trac (VPN required; offers full-text of major law reviews, legal newspapers, bar association journals and international legal journals from 1980 to date)