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Levin College of Law

Student Printing and Technology

Student Printing

For your convenience, UF IT print stations are located in the Legal Information Center on the back wall of the LIC Copy Room. All print transactions  are charged to the student's ONE.UF account at a rate of $0.08 per impression for black and white printing. For questions about additional printer locations or to view and pay printing charges, please visit

UF Student Government provides an 250 impressions of free printing per semester for every UF student. The LIC Copy Room houses a Student Government printer that is located directly to the left of the Copy Room entrance. Please contact the Student Government Print Lab at (352) 273-4431 with issues or questions.

An impression is the number of images produced in a print run. A single-sided document is one impression. A double-sided document is two impressions.

Printers in the Legal Information Center Copy Room are black and white. The nearest color printer is located at Library West.

Wireless Printing Options

Students can print wirelessly using one of two methods: 1) email a document or 2) upload to website. Each of the options is explained in more detail below.

Email a Document to Print

Using your UFL email address:

Open a new email and address it to

In the subject line, specify whether you want it to print 1-sided, 2-sided, or color using the options listed below. Please note that this is case sensitive. 

P: 1 Sided
P: 2 Sided
P: Color

The LIC does not have a color printer. The closest printing location with a color printer is Library West.

Attach your document or type the message to be printed in the body of your email.

Using a non-UFL email address:

If you want to use an email account other than your account, you need to register that email address in order for the printing system to correctly identify you. To register go to and enter your email address and your Gatorlink credentials.

When emailing your print job, it may take five to ten minutes for the print job to process. Larger documents take more processing time.

Upload a Document to Print

You can upload a document to print at Log in with your Gatorlink credentials and click "Web Print." Select the document you wish to print and whether you want black-and-white single-sided, black-and-white double-sided, or color single-sided. (The nearest color printer is at Library West.) Advanced features allow you to print multiple copies, print a specific page range, and select whether to flip a double-sided print job on the long or short side. When you have made your selections, click the gray button to send the print job to the printer.

You can print Microsoft Office files (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx), Open Office (.odf), PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, and RTF files using the upload option.


Printing from iOS Devices

If you want to print from your iOS device, you will need to enable OneDrive. See the visual guide at UF Printing Services at for directions.

Printing Your Document

Regardless of whether you send your print job via email or mobile print, you will need to enter your Gatorlink credentials to release the print job. Student Government printers and UF IT printers are located in the LIC Copy Room.


Students may scan materials using the KIC scanner in the LIC Copy Room. Students can email documents from the KIC scanner or bring a USB drive and save documents directly to the drive.