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Florida Legislative History: History of a Florida Statute

Tracing the History of a Specific Section of the Florida Statutes

Compiling a legislative history of a Florida Statute is a multi-step process.

1. First, you need to determine which session law put into place the specific statutory language in which you are interested. Since a particular section of the Florida Statutes may have been amended by many session laws, the easiest way to find this information is to use West's Florida Statutes Annotated or LexisNexis Florida Annotated Statutes. If the session law dates to 1997 or earlier, skip the following steps and contact a Reference Librarian at the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

2. Second, once you have identified the session law number, you need to look at the first page of the session law to obtain the bill number from which this session law was derived. Session laws are published in the Laws of Florida.


3.  Third, once you have the bill number, go to the bill's page on the website of the Florida Senate or House of Representatives to find information about the bill, including bill analyses, vote histories, and different versions of the bill.