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Federal Legislative History: Committee Reports

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A committee report is perhaps the most important piece of the legislative history of a bill or public law for determining legislative intnent.

According to the Rules of the Senate or House Rules, committee reports typically include a statement of the budgetary and regulatory impact of the proposed legislation and the text of the proposed changes to existing statutes.

For more information about the contents of committee reports, refer to the following CRS reports:

Senate Committee Reports: Required Contents, CRS-98-305

House Committee Reports: Required Contents,  CRS-98-169

Committee Reports (Online)

FDsys 104th Congress - present Open Access
Proquest Congressional 1789 - present (Serial Set) Special Restrictions
WestlawNext Legislative History - United States Code, 1990 - present Special Restrictions



Committee Report at the Legal Information Center (Microfiche)

Serial Set 61st - 91st Congress Fiche Cabinet: #46, Drawer 8 - #47, Drawer 8
Serial Set 96th Congress Fiche Cabinet: #48, Drawer 1
Senate Executive Reports (Committee on Foreign Relations) 15th - 90th Congress Fiche Cabinet: #48, Drawer 6

Committee Report