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Federal Legislative History: Congressional Hearings

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Congressional hearings are meetings conducted by the various committees of the US Congress. While most hearings are open to the public, some hearings are held in executive session and are closed to the public.

Transcripts of congressional hearings normally include written statements submitted by the members of the committee and witnesses, and the verbatim dialogue between committee members and witnesses. At times, additional materials are added to the hearing transcript including the full-text of articles in newspapers and journals and reports that were mentioned during the testimony.

Not all hearings are transcribed and published.

Congressional Hearings (Online)

FDsys 104th Congress - present Open Access
Proquest Congressional 1824 - present Special Restrictions

Congressional Hearings in the Legal Information Center (Microfiche)

CIS 1970 -present Fiche cabinet: #26 - #32
Unpublished House Committee Hearings 1833 - 1964 Fiche cabinet: #44, Drawers 5-7
Unpublished Senate Committee Hearings 1825 - 1972 Fiche cabinet: #44, Drawer 7 - #45, Drawer 1
Congressional Committee Hearings 89th - 91st Congress Fiche cabinet: #43, Drawers 6 - #44, Drawer 3

Congressional Hearing