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Government Documents

Government Documents Location/ Understanding SuDocs Number

SuDocs Collection

Government documents  collection are located in the central area of the second floor.  These materials are arranged in Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) number order .

The Superintendent of Documents number scheme groups materials together by issuing agency, which consists of captial letter or letters representing a government agency or department.  The number following the period designates the series or category of publications and is followed by a colon. The number following the colon designates the issue or year of publication.

SuDoc Numbers  example: D 2.1:1989

 D -  letter indicates government agency or department  (Department of Defense) 

 D 2. - number following the letter indicates  service within the agency or department
            (2.  Armed Forces Information Service within the Department of Defense)

 D 2.1 - indicates this is an annual report (.1)

 D 2.1:1989 - indicates this annual report if for the year 1989


 The link below will explained the Classification in more details. 


Item received in fiche format are placed in fiche cabinets in the Microform Area.  They are arranged in SuDoc number order. 

Government Document Classification at the Lawton Chiles Legal Information Center

A Agriculture                                                                                                 LC Library of Congress
AC U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency LR National Labor Relations Board
C Commerce Department MS Merit Systems Protection Board
CR Civil Rights Commission NAS National Aeronautice and Space Administration
D Defense Department NC National Capital Planning Commission
E Energy Department NCU National Credit Uion Administration
ED Education Department NF    National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
EP Environmental Protection Agency PM Personal Management Office
FM Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service PR President of the United States
FT Federal Trade Commission PREX Executive Office of the President
GA Government Accountability Office PRVP Vice President of the United States
GP Government Printing Office S State Department
GS General Service Administration SBA Small Business Admininstration
HE Health and Human Services Department SE Securitites and Exchange Commission
HS Homeland Security SSA Social Security Administration
I Interior Department T Treasury Department
J Justice Department TD Transportation Department
JU Judiciary TDA US Trade and Development Agency
L Labor Department VA Veternas Affairs Department
X & Y Congress