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Government Documents

Steps to locating Florida Government publications

  1. Determine what information you need. (e.g. H1N1 statistics)
  2. Determine which government agency may be the publisher (e.g. Center for Disease Control or Department of Transportation)
  3. Check the UF Catalog for print and electronic materials. Search by author or subject heading inputting the Government agency. Check at last one of the following:
  4. The State of interest's government portal. It's for Florida.
  5. The specific government agency that you think my publish the information (this can ussually be found either through Google or the State's government portal).


If you cannot locate the information, contact the reference department of the library at (352)273-0723

Florida Research Guides

Need more help, try the following Research Guides.


Florida Adminstrative Law:

Florida Caselaw:

Florida Legislative History:

Florida Statues:


Selected Florida Resources