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Comparative Law LLM Research and Library Resources: Using the Catalog

An introduction to research and library resources for students enrolled in the comparative law LLM program.

Search the Catalog

The library catalog is the best place to start when looking for books on a topic.

Searching by keyword, author, or title is the best way to find something useful.

Use the library catalog search box below to find books by author, title, or keywords.

Find Online Journals


You also can use the Online Journal finder (second tab, above) if you know the title of the journal in which an article appears.  Or, if you'd prefer, you can link directly to the catalog and search from there.

Using the Catalog


Figure out which campus library has the book, note down the call number or title, then hop on a bus (or walk) over to other library.  If you need help finding the book, stop by the Circulation desk at the front of any library.