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Vis Moot (ICAM) 2019: Treatises & Commentary for Procedural Issues

Guide created for students enrolled in the International Commercial Arbitration Moot (ICAM) course who are working on the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot problem.

Helpful Treatises

This year's procedural issue involves the LCIA Arbitration Rules. The tabs below provide secondary sources that may help with the problem.  

See the box below on how to search for additional treatises or how to search within these treatises for specific information.  

Note: for access to Kluwer, you must be signed into the VPN (see home tab). 


General sources on international arbitration:  

General treatises about international arbitration to help you get a background in the field and to see generally how the LCIA Arbitration Rules fit.

  • BlackabyPartasides, et. al.  Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration.  Reserve Book # K 2400. B532 2015. eBook: Kluwer
  • Born.  International Commercial Arbitration.  eBook: Kluwer
  • Born.  International Arbitration: Law and Practice.  Reserve Book # K 2400 .B6725 2012.  eBook: Kluwer.  
  • Born.  International Arbitration: Commentary and Materials. eBook: Kluwer.
  • Karrer.  Introduction to International Arbitration Practice. eBook: Kluwer.
  • Lew and Mistelis (ed).  Pervasive Problems in International Arbitration. eBook: Kluwer. 
  • Lew, Mistelis & Kröll.  Comparative International Commercial Arbitration Reserve Book # K 2400 .L49 2003. eBook: Kluwer.
  • Waincymer.  Procedure and Evidence in International Arbitration.  Reserve Book # KZ 6115 .W35 2012.  eBook: Kluwer.

Note: The print books are located in the reserve section of the library (behind the circulation desk).



Sources related to LCIA:

  • LCIA website (arbitration page)
  • UNCITRAL bibliography on the arbitration rules
    • 2008-present (links to a Zotero bibliography)
      • Use the tags to limit to the most relevant sources
    • 1968-2007
      • Use Ctrl+F to search for keywords within the document for useful sources
  • Caron & Caplan.  The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules: A Commentary (with an integrated and comparative discussion of the 2010 and 1976 UNCITRAL arbitration rules)
    • Reserve book behind the circulation desk, K2400.C39 2013.
    • Ebook (via Oxford; must be signed into the VPN to access off-campus)
  • Daele, Challenge and Disqualification of Arbitrators in International Arbitration, Ebook via Kluwer
  • Arbitration rules Yearbooks
    • Yearly reports and documents issued by UNCITRAL related to the model law.
  • Scherer, Richman & Gerbay,  Arbitrating Under the 2014 LCIA Rules: A User's Guide


Sources related to the NY Convention:

  • The Convention's travaux-preparatoires
    • the documents relating to and general history behind the drafting and passing of the NY Convention.
  • van Den Berg. Yearbook Commercial Arbitration. eBook: Kluwer
    • Provides commentary on cases decided under the NY Convention each year.
  • NY Convention decisions. Kluwer.
    • Commentary on each article, along with citations to cases.
  • ICCA. Guide to the Interpretation of the NY Convention. PDF.
    • a good introduction to the convention, it discusses "scope, interpretation and application."

Finding Additional Treatises

Find additional relevant secondary sources. Use keywords from the problem to search.

Search Kluwer Arbitration (requires VPN) Search Westlaw Search HeinOnline
  • Conduct a simple keyword search in the box at the top right of the page.