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Emerging Legal Technology

This guide identifies technology that is new, or relatively new, to the legal industry, and explains how to find more information.

AI for Legal Brief Analysis

Artificial intelligence, or machine learning, can be used to analyze legal briefs and motions.  Several products are on the market, including the ones listed below that UF law students and faculty can access. 

The process is simple:  Upload your document and the tool will apply proprietary algorithms to generate lists of related authorities for your review.  Typically, the tool will create a list of all the authorities cited in your document (with links, to the extent the platform has access to the content) as well as authorities that are related but not cited in your document.

Diagram of Brief Analysis


You can use these tools to find additional authority for your draft brief, or you can upload a finished document, such as a motion filed by opposing counsel, to find authorities that they may have omitted.

Be aware that a brief analysis tool is only as good as the algorithms supporting it and the legal content that it draws from.  For example, if the algorithm doesn't recognize many terms or phrases used in your document, it would generate few suggestions for related content.  Or the algorithm might not be fine-tuned enough for your purposes and return irrelevant results.  Or if the tool has limited or no access to state law materials, it would not do a good job analyzing a brief written for a state court proceeding.  

Litigation Analytics

Here is a snapshot of available Company-level information:Example of Bloomberg Law Litigation Analytics


Here is an example of the judge analytics available on Lexis Context:

Example of Judge Analytics on Lexis Context


And here is an example of the expert witness analytics available on Lexis Context:Example of Expert Witness Analytics on Lexis Context